Orbit Protocol

About Hedera

Why we choose Hedera?

With more advanced technology Hedera provided, the Hashgraph is the analogy of a developed version of blockchain which has better scalability while offering all abilities that blockchain can offer. Basically, for blockchain, information is packaged into blocks, which link with other blocks that carry similar information by forming that link like a chain.
To complete the transaction, blockchain uses miners to validate transactions, however, Hashgraph does not, instead, it uses directed acyclic graphs that help improve time sequencing transactions without storing them into blocks. In other words, it uses public ledgers that are distributed randomly around the world by sending information and data from one node to another (each node at a time), which is called “Gossip” in Hedera. By that, Hedera can perform and complete transactions at a higher speed, which could make 10,000 per second with a stable and lower fee compared to blockchain (as the hashgraph does not need to pay miners, the fee can be maintained at a stable price of $0.0001 approximately).
Moreover, Hedera is highly decentralized and secured with an ABFT (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance) proof of stake consensus algorithm, which the network cannot be interfered with unless more than ⅔ of nodes collude. All historical data will be stored in Hashgraph, similar to a traditional blockchain that is open for public observation.

The key points

Faster transaction speed and capacity (up to 10k TPS)
Contrary to other assets like BTC and ETH can only hold seven to fifteen transactions per second. Hashgraph is the answer to the liquidity problem and traffic in our DeFi and ecosystem as our omnipool will carry a lot of liquidity and transactions to work.
Stable fee
A higher liquidity usually comes with higher traffic and higher gas fee, but it can be solved by using Hashgraph technology to stabilize the transaction fee and improve the user experience in our ecosystem.
It’s very decentralized and secure
Security is the main priority for us. With hashgraph technology, attacks from MEV (miner extraction value ) or malicious attacks can be prevented with the ABFT algorithm. Every user who participates in this permissionless network is permitted to participate in creating nodes with full rights to vote for the direction democratically for the final consensus. This implication means that Hedera Hashgraph is one of the fairest and most decentralized networks. By that, as the Orbit performs on the Hedera network, the Orbit is highly benefited for performance, security, and fairness.